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Pro by All Measures.

The best in every sense.

Pro by All Measures.

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What is Neste Pro Diesel?

Pro Diesel is a unique diesel created in Neste facility in Finland. The excellent quality of Pro Diesel is ensured by the improved refining technology and high quality hydrocarbon fractions. Neste Pro Diesel contains also the renewable diesel Neste MY.

It is the first diesel in the world that complies with the strictest World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) category 5 Edition 5th standards (Density may relax the minimum limit to 800kg/m2 when ambient temperatures are below -30°C. Viscosity may relax the minimum to 1.5 mm2/s when ambient temperatures are below -30°C).

The quality of Pro Diesel is demonstrated in comparison with the EN 590 standard diesel.

The WWFC represents the automotive industry’s own views and it is supported by BMW AG, Fiat Auto SpA, Ford of Europe Inc., General Motors Europe AG, Daimler AG, Porsche AG, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault SA, Volkswagen AG, AB Volvo, Honda Motor Co.Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation. The guideline has been developed to enhance driver satisfaction and minimise costs.

Properties of Pro Diesel

Pro Diesel - Pro in your driving efficiency

EN 590 standard diesel in comparison with Neste Pro Diesel

 EN 590 dieselPro Diesel
Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), max % (V/V)
The lower the FAME is, the lower the amount of sediments and emissions and lower risk of microbes growing.
Cetane number, min
The higher the cetane number, the better starting, more silent engine, lower amount of emissions, reduced fuel consumption.
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
The less polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the lower the amount of their emissions.
Content of ashes, max % (m/m)
The lower % of ashes, the lower the possibility for the soot filter to clog.
Max temperature °C when 95% of fuel distils
The lower the temperature, the better diesel burns, reducing the amount of emissions and preventing fuel from getting in oil.
Lubrication properties max μm
Better lubrication properties protect the fuel injecter parts.
Protection against corrosion
Important for the fuel injection system and fuel tank.
The standard does not provideRequired
Cleanness of injecter
Keeps the fuel injection system clean without sediments.
The standard does not provideXUD9 & DW10 test method
Microorganisms in fuel
Microorganisms can cause clogging of fuel filter and corrosion.
The standard does not provideNo microorganisms

Outstanding fuel is just a part of the victory

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Pro Diesel winter properties

Pro Diesel is an excellent winter diesel due to its freeze resistance parameters.

CP -32°C

Cloud point is the temperature below which wax in diesel starts to appear. The presence of waxes thickens the oil and clogs fuel filters and injectors in engines. This means that diesel fuel can start flow through filter slower or in case diesel filter is dirty fuel can stop flow through.

CFPP -37°C

Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) is the lowest temperature at which a diesel fuel still will go though a fuel filter.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which vehicles or engines are suitable for Neste Pro Diesel?
    The fuel is suitable for all diesel cars, regardless of the year of manufacture. It can also be blended with conventional diesel.
  • How does Neste Pro Diesel affect car fuel consumption?
    Tests carried out by the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland show that fuel consumption is lower than conventional diesel. The more accurate reduction in consumption depends on the particular car, driving conditions and driving style.
  • How does Neste Pro Diesel affect engine power and speed?
    Measurements made by the Applied Science Laboratory at the University of Tampere show that power and engine speed improves when driving Neste Pro Diesel.
  • How does the use of Neste Pro Diesel affect engine emissions?
    It reduces CO2 emissions over the fuel lifecycle. Nox, hydrocarbon and particulate emissions are also lower. When starting a cold engine, the high cetane number of Neste Pro Diesel reduces exhaust and engine noise.
  • How does Neste Pro Diesel affect engine efficiency?
    The engine reduces carbon deposition, and the fuel injectors and particulate filters last longer, resulting in longer engine life. The lifetime of the filters increases as this fuel burns without leaving ash. Engine oil also lasts longer than recommended for oil change. This results in less engine wear and longer life.
  • How does Neste Pro Diesel work in cold weather?
    In cold weather, Neste Pro Diesel delivers better engine performance than regular winter diesel - with a cloud point temperature of -32°C and CFPP temperature at -37°C. The high cetane number of the fuel also improves the engine's cold start.
  • Is Neste Pro Diesel more expensive than conventional diesel?
    Although more expensive than conventional diesel, Neste Pro Diesel is unmatched in the top 10 diesel parameters.
  • Where can I buy Neste Pro Diesel diesel?
    At major Neste service stations in Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia.